German Government Loses Top Secret Files

By: Absolute Team | 12/22/2008

According to The Local, the German government has admitted to losing 332 top secret files over the past 10 years. Problem is, the files were so top secret that nobody knows what was in them.

The German Interior Ministry was forced to admit to the loss of files during a parliamentary session when they were questioned by the Free Democrats (FDP). The government admits that the 332 files are still missing, and that the files were of "considerable significance."

The questioning also revealed that nearly 3,200 top secret files were destroyed rather than archived during the last legislature period. These files covered topics such as organized crime, surveillance, and 'research' of other states. This, as well as the breach / loss of the 332 files, points to issues with having a firm data retention policy. Although the two issues may not be related, given that the top secret files may have been destroyed in order to avoid any 30 year information release rule that may be created, it's clear that governments all around the world are struggling to stay on top of information security.

In other Government data loss news, a FOX reporter was able to buy a McCain campaign Blackberry loaded up with confidential information - Computrace Mobile would have erased all of it. And Fergie, Duchess of York, is the victim of laptop theft and worries about private photos leaking - see what Absolute's Bill Pound had to say about it.

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