GDPR Countdown: Are You Ready? Here's How to Prepare

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/19/2017

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018: Is your business ready? Any business that handles the personal data of European Union residents -- no matter where they're based -- must comply. Here's what you need to know to prepare...

International reach, unprepared organizations

The GDPR will have an international reach, applying to any organization that handles the personal data of European Union residents -- in the UK and beyond. The regulation introduces obligations for data controllers and processors to protect personal data “by design and default,” with strict guidelines around data breach notification, consent, and the right to be forgotten.

Unfortunately, research from Veritas indicates that more than half of global organizations have failed to begin any work on meeting minimum GDPR compliance requirements and that less than a third of organizations meet these minimum requirements today. Not many businesses can afford non-compliance fines that can total a whopping 4 percent of global annual revenue (about $23 million U.S.), or the irreparable damage to company reputation.

Safeguarding data

Accountability is the core of the new GDPR rules, so organizations must have a way to demonstrate they have taken appropriate steps to safeguard personal data -- which includes a seamless, connected security strategy that works across the organization, from device to data center to the cloud.

Richard Henderson, Absolute's global security strategist, says organizations cannot afford devices that “go dark” -- devices that IT can't track -- either because they're off the network, have been stolen, or have been rendered inoperable through loss of critical software.

Even when encryption, antivirus and asset management solutions are active, malicious users can still uninstall or disable them, exposing businesses to security risks and rendering them non-compliant with GDPR, among other security protocols.

"Companies need to maintain a constant connection, whether devices are on or off the corporate network, to stop them from becoming the gateway to a damaging breach," he says. "They need to be able to track devices, detect suspicious and unauthorized behavior, and remotely disable or delete data if necessary.”

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