FTC 2012 Annual Highlights

By: Absolute Team | 4/20/2012

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released their 2012 Annual Highlights report looking at the FTC's work to protect consumer privacy, examine trends in technology and increase international collaboration, among other areas. They have launched an HTML version of the guide that ties together aspects of the report with links to work accomplished during the year in terms of enforcement, policy, outreach and more.

The report shows that identity theft was the top consumer complaint in 2011, accounting for 17% or 287,232 complaints of the 1.8 million complaints received. There were 990,242 cases of fraud in 2011 - that's 7 times more fraud complaints than there were 10 years ago. The FTC highlights some of the scams that have attempted to deceive consumers during a fragile economic period and what attempts they've made to curtail the trend.

The report also gives an overview into the FTC's aims to keep health care competitive, to keep marketing and advertising free of deceptions and special efforts made to safeguard children from unfair and deceptive marketing and advertising both online and offline. As a company operating in the US, it's important to keep well briefed of the rules and regulations the FTC is putting forward and their annual report provides a very organized look into the Commission's mandates.

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