Five Key Steps to Layered Data Security

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/23/2014

Faced with the complex trifecta of workforce mobility, increased connectivity and regulatory compliance, government IT leaders are managing a delicate juggling act in today’s intricate security and regulatory environment. In my article for GCN, I advocate for a Layered Approach to Security that can help government agencies balance data security needs with increased mobility and network connectivity.

Device loss and theft is a reality for all organizations. While the standard in security is to suggest ‘encryption’ as the means to prevent a data breach, it is by no means infallible. We advocate a layered approach to security, which further mitigates the risk of lost or stolen data.

Five Key Data Security Steps

  1. Encrypt sensitive data stored on devices
  2. Choose a persistent security and management software agent to maintain a connection with a device regardless of user or location
  3. Generate reports that will prove devices are compliant, including encryption, patch management, anti-virus
  4. In case of incident, ensure your security software allows you to perform remote endpoint actions such as data delete, data retrieval, device freeze and forensic investigations
  5. Review and update privacy and security policies/procedures and stay up to date with government regulatory compliance requirements

We believe that the use of Persistence technology by Absolute, which is built into the BIOS of most devices, gives agencies the reliable ‘alarm system’ it needs to maintain connections to all devices, to track, manage and secure these devices and the data they contain. A layered approach to security, blending user security practices and persistence technology monitoring is an effective way to create enterprise security comprehensive enough to respond to agencies’ growing exposure to risks.

Government agencies should be the ones setting standards in data protection compliance. With these 5 steps, these standards are possible. Learn more about how Absolute can help you with all five of these key data security steps here.

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