Finding a Balance with Apple Technology

By: Absolute Team | 12/11/2014

The November 2014 issue of SCMagazine featured an article on how to balance productivity with enterprise security on Apple products. “A balancing act: Apple technology,” explores the opinions of a panel of experts including Absolute’s own Product Marketing Manager, Kim Ellery.

The article looks in particular at what enterprises should learn following the breach of its iCloud service; though related to poor password practices, it nonetheless shone a light on a security weakness that could affect enterprises. As one Juanita Koilpillai noted in the article, poor password practices are not an excuse in regards to the breach, since the data at rest should have been encrypted (but wasn’t).

Apple has addressed some security concerns with new security protocols, but it’s important that enterprises are aware of the current state of Apple security on its products and services. The article looks at how Apple is setting out security and how this model of security impacts organizations. What are the limitations of sandboxing apps? How does MDM fit in with Apple products?

As the article notes, Apple supports a wide range of MDM services (including our own), allowing organizations to enrol and track devices and track unauthorized usage of apps, among other services. Organizations that build upon Apple’s security services with strong endpoint security have the best chance of managing the risks to corporate data presented by mobility, the Cloud and BYOD.

Of course, as our own Kim Ellery points out, Apple devices are not the only ones that organizations must contend with. Most organizations must manage and secure a variety of device types and ownership models:

“The very trend that brought Apple to the enterprise continues to feed the ecosystem with different device types of operating systems."

To continue reading what this panel of experts hast to say about the impact of Apple devices on organizational security, read the full article here or in the November 2014 issue of SCMagazine.

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