Feb 3 Webinar: What to Do Today to Protect Devices in Healthcare

By: Arieanna Schweber | 2/2/2015

Endpoint security is more important than ever for healthcare organizations—and it’s much more difficult than ever, due in large part to clever intrusion tactics through endpoint devices. Increased use of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices has given healthcare organizations’ staff more flexibility and freedom, but it’s also increased security risks. The stakes have never been higher, especially with ever-mounting privacy requirements. In fact, recent research indicates that the bulk of data breaches in healthcare organizations now stem from endpoint devices.

Join Absolute Software on February 3, 2015 at 2pm EST / 11am PST for a webinar on how to protect your organization against new and devious security threats.

Forrester event

Our featured speaker is Chris Sherman, a Forrester Research Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals. His research focuses on helping S&R Pros make strategic decisions regarding endpoint security (laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets) and data privacy, such as how to secure employee-owned devices while meeting industry compliance standards.

In this webinar, “What You Should Do Today to Protect Endpoint Devices in Healthcare,” you will hear from Chris Sherman on:

  • 5 things you can do now to develop an effective endpoint security strategy
  • Important trends highlighted by new Forrester healthcare research
  • How to balance security and productivity with regards to endpoint devices in healthcare

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