Featured in Backbone Magazine

By: Absolute Team | 11/30/2010

logo.jpgBackbone Magazine recently published an article about "how to manage software licences and stay out of trouble," an article which features how you can use Absolute Software's Absolute Manage to help meet your needs.

As noted in the article, efficient licence management is a growing business concern. Do you have enough licences? Too many? Both licence issues can cost you. Canadian businesses paid a total of over $170k in fines, had to delete unauthorized software, and purchase additional licences in order to become compliant.

Implementation of software asset management (SAM) practices can save you money:

  1. Audit your software to know what you have and what you use
  2. Have a SAM policy that's well communicated. Include topics on illegal software and mobile devices.
  3. Use software to help you manage your software deployments & devices
  4. Make use of resellers, especially usefull in small businesses
  5. Look for future efficiencies in order to get volume discounts
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