FBI Safe Online Surfing (SOS) Program Grows

By: Absolute Team | 2/11/2011

Since its launch, over 90,000 children in 41 states have completed the FBI-led Safe Online Surfing (SOS) program, a free internet safety and cyber citizenship program for 3rd through
8th grades.

Of the SOS program, Cyber Division Assistant Director Gordon Snow said, “The Internet is a powerful resource for our youth, but it also presents opportunities for those who would attempt to do them harm…the Safe Online Surfing program is designed to teach young people what they need to know to avoid falling victim to individuals who want to take advantage of their youth and innocence.”

The topics are age-specific, including password security, cyberbullying, virus protection, copyright, online predators, e-mail, chat rooms, social networking sites and more. The students are tested for their knowledge, then the program takes them on a "scavenger hunt" through pre-screened websites that provide safety and cyber citizenship information. The post-quizzes determine their learning. As an incentive, schools are given a chance to "compete" with each other.

It's an interesting way to present cyber information to kids. Because there are so many websites offering cyber education programs, it's nice to see a program like this SOS program which can help guide kids to the various sites and learn from them all.

In related news, here are some other resources for kids that have caught my attention: Child Identity Theft Indicators:A Guide for Parents and Cyber Ethics for Parents.

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