Facebook - Now With HTTPS

By: Absolute Team | 1/29/2011

Given the complex security situations on web 2.0 properties like the social networking giant Facebook, it's great to see when improvements are being made to keep people more secure.

Just this week, Facebook has announced two new security improvements to help keep you safe - at least, in some ways. The first change is the expansion of the HTTPS protocol to be an option for the entire Facebook browsing experience. HTTPS provides encrypted communication and secure identification to a network web server. Since this can protect the information you send to Facebook, it's great to prevent snooping & account hijacking when you're outside your home network.

This option is *not* on by default, so you need to go to your Account Security section of your Account. Not all Facebook accounts have this feature yet, as it's being slowly rolled out across the board. I don't have it yet, which is a pity!

The other change is the addition of a neat social authentication tool. You can read more about both of these features here.

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