Executive Endpoints Are Increasingly At Risk

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/12/2016

The data on employee endpoints—like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets—is at risk. While theft due to malware is a perennial risk, endpoint data is also at risk of theft through email, cloud storage, and device theft. However, direct loss of corporate data is not the only risk associated with endpoint devices. Unsecured endpoint devices also act as an ‘entry point,’ as endpoint vulnerabilities are exploited as an ingress for cybercriminals.

Why Executives Are a Prime Target for Hackers

More specifically, executive endpoints present an alarming number of risks to data security, says a new report from Skycure. Executive endpoints are increasingly targeted by malicious hackers, who attempt to gain either direct access to data stored on the device or else indirectly through data stored on the network. Forbes reports that executives carry more devices than other employees, relying on three or four devices. These devices also tend to have greater access to critical corporate information.

"With virtually unlimited access to all critical corporate information, executives are understandably desirable and popular targets for hackers. This also explains the trend of malware toward more spear phishing and ransomware that is designed to target specific individuals, as opposed to the broad-based dragnet approaches that were more popular the past. These new methods of corporate espionage, combined with executive access, exposes not just corporate information, but potentially that of their customers and partners as well."

According to the Mobile Threat Intelligence Report for Q2 2016, just under one quarter of executive devices were infected with high- or medium-severity malware. Moreover, almost one third of executive devices had been exposed to network attack. The report notes that 32% of all devices surveyed, executive or not, were rated as “medium-to-high risk," meaning that they were currently under attack or have already been compromised.

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