Euromonitor Secures Their Proprietary Data with Absolute DDS

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/27/2016

Euromonitor is tasked with compiling an extensive amount of proprietary and sensitive information. This includes more than 17,000 published reports across 27 industries, helping institutions and organizations better understand markets, and operating environments and consumers. Euromonitor was also concerned about device theft and the amount of IT resources required to managed a fast-growing device fleet. As outlined in our case study, Absolute DDS provided the control and oversight they needed, plus even greater visibility into their endpoint environment.

Steady Mobile Growth Can Strain IT Resources

Over the past few years, Euromonitor has experienced steady growth and significant mobile technology adoption. With more than 1,300 users located across 80 countries, Euromonitor sought to reduce the amount of time IT was devoting to the manual management of its device fleet. Euromonitor also experienced some device theft and needed technology to track these endpoints and the sensitive research data they contained. This was especially important for the proprietary market research that Euromonitor uses.

Euromonitor’s initial interest in Absolute was to address device theft, taking advantage of the unrivalled security offered by Persistence.

“We activated Absolute DDS because of its unique ability to remotely secure our endpoints as well as additional support from the Absolute Investigations team as required,” said Doug Konigkramer, Support Team Leader at Euromonitor. “Absolute’s Persistence technology is such an important feature. It ensures our devices are protected, even if the firmware is flashed or the operating system is reinstalled.”

Better Reporting Tools Help Track Device and Application Inventories

Euromonitor was pleased to discover that Absolute DDS not only solved its endpoint security needs, but also satisfied its asset management needs. Thanks to the extensive reporting capabilities of Absolute DDS, Euromonitor is able to gain visibility into the hardware and software of each device. This information has helped Euromonitor identify devices that may be running legacy applications or are missing business-critical software, allowing them to remediate situations that are placing data at risk. Thanks to Absolute DDS, Euromonitor has been to better define device and application inventory and user activity.

Looking ahead, Euromonitor intends to add additional security layers to its IT infrastructure.

“We know with Absolute we have a tool in place where we can confidently incorporate new technologies, remotely oversee their successful deployment and maintain their ongoing health in the field,” notes Konigkramer.

Read the full case study to learn how Euromonitor secures sensitive and proprietary data and research, verifies software and saves time managing its fleet of devices with Absolute. 

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