Essential Guide to Threat Management

By: Absolute Team | 4/29/2011

Information Security recently released the Essential Guide to Threat Management, a guide developed to defend against targeted attacks. As we've seen in abundance this year, enterprises are failing to protect themselves against targeted attacks.

While you can never mitigate all possible risk vectors, it's obvious from the slew of recent breaches from high profile companies that there are gaps in security, both in process and technology. As Search Security recently wrote, "enterprises must proactively seek out their security weaknesses (of all types) before attackers do; even then, enterprises must be prepared to fail, and to respond accordingly."

As suggested in the Information Security Guide, you can conduct counter-threat operations (CTOps) to seek out intruders in the enterprise. This is a more proactive approach than waiting for an alert that the enterprise has been attacked. After a thorough risk assessment, technologies are deployed to mitigate those risks. But how well is the enterprise protected after? Testing the defences on an ongoing basis will help keep your enterprise security in top shape.

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