Enterprises Frustrated with MDM Solutions

September 26, 2014

VDC Research has released its annual Enterprise Mobility Report, which highlights the growing need for organizations to move away from fragmented mobile platform management to a unified approach to device management and security.

According to VDC Research, the continual and increased use of mobile devices in business settings has made MDM solutions an attractive solution, but with the focus now on expanding access to more data and applications, many organizations are finding their deployed MDM solution(s) are not meeting their security needs.

Device management will remain as a cornerstone of security policy for mobile deployments. The ability to detect rooting or jail-breaking of the operating system, remote lockdown, and wiping of the device data, hardware feature controls, and remote control of the device are key features that are requisite to properly protect mobile assets and limit risk in case the device is lost or stolen.

We agree with VDC Research Senior Analyst Eric Klein that “vanilla MDM solution[s]” may be inadequate to secure mobile deployments. At Absolute Software, we know many of our customers come to us having met with these same challenges. While organizations may be frustrated with their current MDM solution, a comprehensive MDM strategy can help organizations create a policy-driven, user-centric framework that can adapt easily when needs and technologies shift.

Our comprehensive MDM solution, Absolute Manage, allows customers to remotely manage and secure all the mobile devices in their deployments including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Unlike other vendors, Absolute Manage extends management capabilities to include PC and Mac computers, providing customers with the ability to manage all of their devices within a single console. Absolute Manage's cross-platform capabilities include mobile application management, secure content distribution and automated workflows for the enrollment of employee-owned devices – as well as full client management for Windows and Mac devices. Learn more about Absolute Manage here.

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