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Enterprise Use of iPhones

August 16, 2010

Forrester has just put out a research brief assessing whether the iPhone and iPad are secure enough for businesses. As the brief states, the products are "here: get used to it", so it's best to understand the security risks associated with use of these products within the enterprise.

In this report, Forrester defines seven security policies every enterprise should implement to keep its email and corporate information safe on Apple mobile devices, whether or not the enterprise owns them. We also define additional security "high-water marks" — policies and processes you can implement — based on your risk profile and regulatory exposure.

This report came out at the same time that Apple faces criticism for two major security vulnerabilities.

For those of you concerned about security and iPhones, you'll be pleased to know that Absolute Software is soon releasing support for iOS 4 within Absolute Manage.

Endpoint Security

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