Ensuring Your BYOD Program Doesn't Fail

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 7/16/2014

Dana Gardner’s Briefings Direct Enterprise IT Podcast is a must-listen, offering insights from some of the best minds in the global 2000 enterprise IT leadership. The long-format of each podcast allows a lot of depth on each topic. If you don’t think you have time for podcasts, consider setting it up during your commute.

A few months ago, Dana moderated a podcast on BYOD and the security challenges this poses for IT. This is a key discussion to revisit, as we’ve been seeing a lot of talk in 2014 about how BYOD is “not working.” Earlier this year, Gartner estimated that 20% of BYOD projects will fail in the next 2 years, but not because the programs are flawed, but because organizations are so afraid of the risks that the security standards are set too strict, causing employees to abandon them.

Despite the risks BYOD programs may bring to the enterprise, strict MDM policies are not the answer. In this podcast, the panel explores some approaches to making BYOD both safe and controlled. As the panel experts note, some of the ‘scariest’ elements of BYOD involve the diversity of devices, which challenge many areas of iT from physical device management to app deployment and data access.

At Absolute Software, our device management mantra is to manage the user, not the device. By centring the policy on the user, many of the “issues” with supporting multiple devices simply go away, and the program becomes more manageable and scaleable. Check out the Absolute website for more on how we can support your organization’s successful BYOD program.

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