Endpoint Security - Businesses Unable to Keep Up

By: Absolute Team | 1/4/2012

According to the new "State of Endpoint Security" study by the Ponemon Institute and Lumension Security, 66% of IT professionals believe their networks are no more secure this year than last year. Considering the increase in risks, it is concerning that businesses feel they are unable to keep up.

The survey reveals that though companies are investing money in technology solutions, they are unable to reduce their endpoint risks in the changing threat landscape. With a lack of support from other business areas, ineffective policies for technology and prioritization and ineffective employee training, businesses are exposing themselves to greater risks than ever.

Some key findings from the study:

  • 31% of respondents noted a major increase in the frequency of malware incidents over last year
  • Areas with the greatest rise of potential IT security risk include third-party applications, mobile devices, insider risks, cloud computing and social media use
  • 40% of respondents said collaboration between security and IT is poor and/or non-existent
  • 25% of respondents said their budgets would increase in 2012, yet respondents showcased concern over insufficient collaboration with business operations (16%) and the lack of an organizational wide security strategy (13%)

It appears that IT professionals are being challenged to keep pace with the need for new technologies, at lower costs, making it difficult to prioritize security needs both within IT and across the organization. For 2012, make endpoint security a priority in all areas of your organization.

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