Endpoint Resiliency Enables Business Transformation: Client Story

By: Kim Ellery | 4/26/2018

Working to promote the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare for all Dutch citizens, Zorginstituut Nederland occupies an independent yet critical position in the healthcare landscape in the Netherlands. In order to promote quality in healthcare, Zorginstituut transformed its 400-employee office to support greater mobility, agility and efficiency. To support its mobile workforce, Zorginstituut deployed the Absolute platform to protect sensitive data, instantly monitor changes to endpoints and remediate security incidents to meet strict compliance standards.

The Challenge: Endpoint Resiliency

Zorginstituut Nederland employees often deal with sensitive data including PHI, PII and financial information. Workstations (hot desks), mobile devices and notebook computers support employees on the move, but managing and securing the growing fleet of devices was proving difficult. Each user was capable of disabling anti-malware or altering the device security configuration, rendering standardized device protections useless and exposing the organization to a breach and potential compliance failure. Zorginstituut needed centralized visibility over its devices and a way to ensure the efficacy of security controls and standards.

“We standardize every configuration, using SCCM for controls and we make sure anti-malware is installed on every device that connects to our network. The challenge is that each user was capable of disabling anti-malware and altering the device’s security configuration. We had to visualize changes and respond quickly to restore data and device integrity.” - Frank Vogtschmidt, System Administrator, Zorginstituut Nederland

Supporting Organizational Transformation

Following the recommendation of its device supplier, Zorginstituut came to Absolute to solve the critical compliance challenges around monitoring and securing its endpoint devices. Already embedded in the firmware of Zorginstituut’s devices, Absolute’s Persistence technology gave instant endpoint visibility for Zorginstituut’s IT and IT security teams to track devices, automate security responses and remotely wipe devices that became at-risk. Beyond instant remediation capabilities, the Absolute platform provided Zorginstituut with powerful insights and asset management capabilities.

“Everything we need to know is in the Absolute console,” Vogtschmidt said.

Zorginstituut uses Absolute’s security console to visualize every endpoint, whether it's on and off network, to validate compliance and take action when controls are disabled or drift from their desired state of security. When a device is missing or stolen, Zorginstituut leverages Absolute to instantly locate and freeze the device, use telemetry to validate data integrity, and even wipe devices remotely to maintain security and compliance.

Having Absolute in place has given Zorginstituut the visibility and management capabilities it needs to support and scale its transformation to a mobile enterprise.

For more on how Absolute helps healthcare organizations manage and secure their endpoints, visit our webpage on healthcare solutions.

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