Encouraging Innovation Through Intrapreneurialism

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/5/2015

At Absolute, we’re continually pushing for innovation. Our customers not only demand it, they require it. Attack vectors are constantly changing and it’s up to us to keep innovating. One of the ways we achieve this at Absolute Software is by internalizing that concept of innovation.

Our CEO, Geoff Haydon, recently spoke with The Globe and Mail’s Guy Dixon about the culture of intrapreneurialism that engages employees and promotes this spirit of innovation. At Absolute, we value self-motivated, action-oriented individuals who help push for change. Our open workplace culture and entrepreneurial spirit are what are going to drive Absolute's growth.

We have 436 employees working for Absolute worldwide, and yet we’re a fairly flat organization. Geoff Haydon notes, “There isn’t a lot of hierarchical room between me and people on the front line in any of the functions which I believe are important, just in terms of ensuring connectivity and transparency and communication.” In this way, we allow for new ideas to bubble up.

The security industry is rapidly changing and we don’t want to miss out on any ideas that could support our customers. We’re building our culture of intrapreneurialism to foster innovation and collaboration among our global team. We hold monthly brainstorming meetings. We run a mentorship program. And we are launching a new company intranet. We’re creating a culture where innovation and autonomy are encouraged, but also where there are clear and measurable objectives to be met.

At Absolute, we are dreaming up new ideas for our customers and we’re quickly putting them into play. Want to be a part of our team?

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