Employees Not Safeguarding Laptops or Data

By: Absolute Team | 10/2/2012

CareerBuilder recently released the results of a survey about security risks for work laptops which indicated that employees routinely store sensitive information on laptops while also neglecting to properly protect them.

The survey, of 3,800 workers in the US, showed that 26% use company-issued laptops. Of those, 61% said they had critical or sensitive information stored. When it comes to safeguarding those laptops and the sensitive data on them, the data was rather troubling:

  • 57% don’t have a laptop security device
  • 52% don’t lock their computer when they’re away from their desk
  • 25% have left their laptop unsecured overnight
  • 5% said they have had a work laptop stolen
  • 9% have downloaded a virus on their computer at work
  • 12% keep their passwords at their desk, written on their laptop or in their computer case or purse/wallet
  • 18% access corporate email through a smartphone
  • 5% have lost their smart phone or had it stolen

Whether you are issuing corporate devices or are embracing BYOD, we can help you manage all the devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) in your deployment so that you can help mitigate some of the risks of irresponsible employee behavior. Learn more about Absolute Manage here and Computrace here.

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