Employees Consider Mobility Important

By: Absolute Team | 10/12/2012

Employees are more productive when working remotely, says a new survey from WIRED and Marriott. This finding supports the BYOD trend, which allows workers to access their work wherever they are. The survey of 304 respondents was designed to explore the needs of the new mobile worker who is expected to stay connected and available at all times.

According to the survey, 48% of the respondents said they are more productive when working remotely. In addition to productivity, 49% of respondents said they felt less stressed when working remotely.

Highlights from the survey:

  • 62% said it is important to be mobile and accessible in their daily business
  • When working remotely, the top three environments that respondents work from are home (84%), a hotel (40%) or a local cafe (24%)
  • 8% work remotely 100% of the time; 32% work remotely 1-25% of the time. Only 22% indicate they never work remotely.
  • 51% work remotely when traveling for leisure

The survey analyses the demographics of those interviewed as well as the frequency and type of their travel, offering some interesting insights into the employee experience of being a remote worker. For example, it appears that the line between work and pleasure is blurring given the high percentage of people working remotely while on vacation.

Given the demand for remote access and BYOD, how is your organization choosing to manage these needs?

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