Emerging Cyber Threats Report

By: Absolute Team | 11/3/2010

The 2010 Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) Security Summit was held on October 7th. As a part of the summit, Georgia Tech released a report on the Emerging Cyber Threats for 2011. The goal of the report is to help companies become proactive - vs reactive - to security threats. Just like cybercriminals are innovating and being creative with new methods of exploitation, so much security experts push to anticipate these new attacks.

The report looks at the top 3 trends that will strongly impact the security landscape in 2011:

  • Further proliferation & sophistication of botnets
  • Attacks on pervasive devices & social networking
  • The impact of cyber security issues on physical systems

The report looks at these threats in depth and offers solutions to each. The second threat, which focuses on mobile security threats, is high on the radar of many corporate executives these days. As Robert Smith, CTO and co-founder of M.A.D. Partners believes, “The single biggest thing threatening any enterprise today on a security basis is mobile."

So, will you be prepared?

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