How to Embrace EMM

By: Absolute Team | 1/7/2015

Cassandra Balentine wrote a feature article for the December 2014 edition of Software Magazine entitled "From Apps to Content, Hardware, and Security: The mobile workforce continues to evolve, and technology is one step ahead.” The article, which is available online, explores the emergence of EMM suites such as Absolute Manage, which are more mature offerings that manage devices, content, apps, communications, access and more. The premise of EMM is an approach that is user-centric and policy-driven

The article explores the drivers and inhibitors that surround EMM adoption as well as key CIO considerations to establishing an EMM strategy. Drivers for EMM are obvious, as many organizations find themselves encumbered with numerous “silos” to manage and secure different devices, not to mention offer additional operational functions. EMM is driven by the desire to unify these solutions to a single environment, but one that does more in terms of security as well as empowering end-users with greater options and productivity.

Organizations not yet on the EMM bandwagon may believe mobility is not as complex as it is, may be slow to update their policies, or may not understand what impact mobility could / already has on customers and employees. Without first understanding mobility, it’s hard to implement a solution that fits best.

Tim Williams, Director of Product Management here at Absolute Software, notes, "How can you ever know for sure what is the best solution to get a handle on all of this rapidly changing technology? The short answer is that you cannot. But, the biggest mistake I see in selecting EMM solutions is when companies start with a massive list of features they’ve read about. That’s putting the cart before the horse," he warns. "I always recommend that businesses start with a short list of three to five top priorities. What are the first problems you need to solve? Then make an even shorter list of the problems you expect in the long term, based on your company’s specific plans."

Setting down a clear security policy and properly communicating it to employees can go a long way to improving mobile security, which is everyone’s concern in a company. For more thoughts on adoption of EMM, continue reading the article here.

Absolute Manage, listed by Gartner in its EMM MQ, could just be the EMM solution your organization needs. Absolute Manage allows customers to provide consistent security and management across all devices, regardless of form factor or operating system, all from a single easy-to-use console. We are looking to the future to continue to provide you with a Unified IT experience as technologies and requirements change. Learn more here.

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