EDA Surveys IT Admins on Mobile Device Management

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 11/22/2013

The Enterprise Device Alliance, of which Absolute Software is a member, is currently polling IT professionals about managing mobile devices.

In its 3rd annual survey of IT professionals, The Enterprise Device Alliance aims to gather information about how IT administrators are deploying and managing smartphones and tablets. The survey looks into the growth in the number of devices, the impact on IT of managing mobile devices, the barriers to broad acceptance, and the challenges of managing these devices.

"The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets is challenging enterprises to deliver secure, mobile access to information while protecting customer data and ensuring the organizations' integrity and productivity," said T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Device Alliance. "With this annual survey, we want to hear the most urgent priorities and concerns from those dealing directly with the issue to allow us to analyze how the environment has changed over the last few years."

The results of the survey, which we will highlight here on InTelligence, will provide a view of the issues that IT departments face in supporting the increased use of mobile devices. A webcast for the results is currently scheduled for December 12th.

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