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EDA Announces iOS 7 Support

March 12, 2014

The member companies of the Enterprise Device Alliance (EDA), of which Absolute Software is a part, have announced their support of Apple’s iOS 7 in enterprise environments. This declaration shows the commitment of member companies to provide support for iPhones and iPads that use iOS 7 in the enterprise. Enterprise-class organizations can now use solutions from the members of the EDA to leverage their Microsoft Windows IT environments to provide file access to iOS devices.

The EDA recently posted the results of their 3rd Annual Survey of IT Pros on Managing Mobile Devices, which indicated a widespread adoption of iOS 7 devices such as iPads was currently, or would soon be, a reality for many organizations. 

"The pervasive use of iPhones and the emerging adoption of iPads in large organizations means that IT administrators need to be able to secure and manage the devices while still helping their users get services," said T. Reid Lewis, president of the EDA and vice president of business development for Acronis. "The Alliance members provide solutions that help IT management leverage their current expertise and infrastructure to streamline the deployment, integration, and management of Apple's popular mobile devices in the enterprise environment."

Alliance members such as ourselves are committed to helping organizations solve multiple business challenges from multi-platform solutions. At Absolute Software, that translates to our commitment to offering persistent endpoint security and management solutions from within a single cloud-based console.

Absolute Software’s Commitment to iOS 7

Absolute Manage MDM allows organizations to remotely secure and manage Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. For tablets and smartphones, we provide support for mobile applications, security for corporate content, and controlled network access. Customers can manage enterprise- and employee-owned devices from a PC or a Mac-based console, as well as on the go from an ultra-portable device. Absolute Manage allows IT administrators to manage desktop and laptop computers from the same console for increased efficiencies and savings.

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