Don't Let IT Process Stop Change

By: Absolute Team | 5/13/2013

Darren Williams, who heads up the vision and strategic direction of Absolute's Service Management division, has recently launched a new blog on Computerworld: People, Process and IT. In his first post, "Don't let IT process break down business," Darren discusses how to use training and technology to prevent potential service failures in IT that can impact overall business productivity and profitability.

Darren discusses how the imbalance between IT and the rest of the business has resulted in some critical errors being made. For example, business managers often bypass IT entirely when researching and procuring new IT solutions, which leads to inefficiencies, errors and lost costs, not to mention tension within the business.

"The common complaint from the business is that IT simply gets in the way and makes everything too complicated…that IT has preferred technology choices that are too detached from the real needs of the business.  Unlike a few years ago though where circumventing IT was quite difficult, if IT is perceived as a change resistor now, then changes will simply happen without them."

With many services now cloud-based, expenditures often come out of operational cash-flow vs capital expenditures, so business managers are able to circumvent IT's approval. When this happens, IT may not be aware of new applications and services that are running, which becomes an issue for the management of these services as well as for data security.

If you have ever wondered what the IT roadblocks often are to innovation, Darren discusses several common issues he's seen while consulting with hundreds of different organizations. We are at a stage where businesses require that IT not only embrace change but to also lead it, so it is imperative that business and IT are aligned on this front.

Read the rest of Darren's thoughts here and subscribe to his new blog for more People, Process and IT insights.

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