Discussing the Sophos Security Threat Report 2012

By: Absolute Team | 2/20/2012

Sophos has just released its Security Threat Report 2012, covering the trends we saw in 2011 and how to prepare for the year(s) ahead. The main aspects of the report include: hacktivism, online threats, mobile malware, cloud computing, social network security, and IT security trends for this coming year.

The report looks at the trends for the year and also includes a poll of 4300 respondents about the perception of threats. Key findings include:

  • 61% feel that the biggest threat on the internet is users not doing enough to protect themselves
  • Nearly 20% believe social networking scams are the top threat
  • 67% think that malware is on the rise compared to in 2010

As we've discussed at length in other posts, we're seeing a lot of focus on the challenges posed by smartphones, tablets and other devices being brought into the office with the BYOD movement:

"The rapid inflow of consumer-owned smartphones and tablets is causing significant security challenges for many organizations. IT departments are being asked to connect devices to corporate networks and secure data on these devices, which they have very little control over. Due to the high degree of mobility, security requirements are plentiful, including enforcement of use policies, corporate data encryption, access to corporate networks, productivity/content filtering, and of course malware protection."

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