Demo of Intel's Anti-Theft PC Protection with Computrace

By: Absolute Team | 2/10/2009

Back in December we announced that Absolute Software's Computrace would now be built into the hardware level of select Lenovo ThinkPad T400 notebooks. These are the first notebooks to ship with support for Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology and Computrace built right in. We also posted a nice review that Intel's Chris Hubbard did of using the Computrace product - how it works, why it's good, and how easy the set-up is.

Now here is a silent video demo of Intel's Anti-Theft Technology with Computrace:


The video will take you a few minutes to run through, but it essentially shows you how an IT Admin would set up the AT-p services including Computrace laptop monitoring and recovery services. The whole process can also be found detailed at the Intel Expert Center blog.

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