How to Defuse a Dr. No

By: Absolute Team | 6/11/2014

I recently wrote a post for InformationWeek on “3 Ways to Defuse Dr. No.” Do you know a Dr. No? That guy in the back of the room just waiting to list all the reasons your project won’t fly? I think we all have a Dr. No around us. It can be frustrating, but the solution is not to fight or ignore but to convert your naysayer.

In IT, there are words that tend to make people nervous when it comes to new projects. You can think of things like “expensive” or “complicated,” but “security problem” is an additional poison pill. It makes people nervous and raises innumerable objections. It’s one of Dr. No’s favorite phrases.

In my article on InformationWeek, I share some tips for CIOs on how to work with these naysayers so that their pessimism doesn’t spread to others. Underneath the objections they may raise, Dr. No’s are usually concerned with job security or potential loss of status or being too closely measured for accountability or performance. I share some examples on how to deal with each of these objections.

Communication is paramount to overcoming a Dr. No. You must figure out the root cause of his resistance and how to ensure the Dr. No is acknowledged and utilized as a key part of the team to help move the project forward.

For my complete insights, read the full article here.

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