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Data Sharing: Productivity vs Security

January 14, 2015

According to a report from Ponemon Institute on behalf of Intralinks, many organizations have failed to set up corporate policies for data loss. The report looks in particular at the use of file sharing and how these actions put corporate data at risk.

“Management often turns a blind eye to the risks because these applications often make employees more productive. However, they achieve greater productivity at the expense of a potential data breach," said Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute.

61% of respondents confessed to often or frequently sharing files via unencrypted email accounts. Data is also being put at risk when it is not deleted from other devices, is accidentally forwarded, or shared with personal cloud sharing services. Combatting these problems with a mix of employee training, security policies and technologies such as DLP and EMM can both spot and prevent data loss from many risky employee behaviours.

A Better Way to Share Data

As part of our comprehensive EMM suite, Absolute Manage, we offer comprehensive mobile content management options to give employees a more secure way to share files and data. With Absolute Manage, you can set strict security controls on the sharing of files and media, distribute files to devices without using email, and take advantage of the AbsoluteSafe repository. AbsoluteSafe allows for secure media transfer, but also implements controls to prevent data from being emailed, printed or moved outside of AbsoluteSafe. Files can also be password protected, devices with unauthorized apps can be blocked from the network, and best of all if a device goes missing, all the files will be deleted. This is a level of protection far superior to simple encryption!

Absolute Manage provides an unparalleled level of control and security over corporate data. As organizations strive in 2015 to reduce IT complexity, a solution like Absolute Manage that can do more to manage and secure all endpoints from a single console is making strides toward creating a Unified IT Environment. Learn more Absolute Manage MDM.

Data Visibility & Protection

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