Data Management Rules for the Road

By: Absolute Team | 2/17/2011

The Identity Theft Resource Center, ITRC, has published a set of Rules for the Road - data security precautions for the business traveler.

As we know, 95% of IT practitioners report that someone in their organization has had a laptop lost or stolen and 72% of those losses have resulted in a data breach. The likelihood of a data device being lost or stolen increases when the laptop device the office.

We've written a couple of times in the past, though this new Rules for the Road adds a few good considerations to those lists, namely:

  • Carry only the necessary amount of data & keep it encrypted
  • Don't let your devices out of your sight
  • Be wary at airports, as we've talked about before
  • Carry sensitive paper files in a locked briefcase and shred when no longer needed
  • Take advantage of your hotel safe
  • Be wary of business center computers, as well as wireless accounts, even at hotels
  • Don't carry personal or business financial information with you

If you travel often, consider upgrading to a laptop with a more secure self-encrypted drive and our new Secure Drive solution.

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