Data Leaks in Hollywood - Who Will Be Next?

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/7/2014

The recent iCloud hack and subsequent leak of intimate photos of Hollywood celebrities has made it clear that even the rich and famous aren’t immune to data loss. The fatal mistake these stars made was to forget that data, be it an email or photo, isn’t static. More often than not it goes straight to the cloud, where in theory it can be accessed from anywhere. All it took was a password, a weak link in data security.

I recently looked at the issue of Data Leaks in Hollywood for CloudTech and how countless businesses and other high profile individuals have faced similar scenarios over the years. There is no question that these leaks will continue, it’s just a matter of who is next.

I believe the following high profile sectors are most in danger of data leaks, through poor data protection policies or being targeted by hackers:

  • Celebrities
  • The Vatican
  • Whitehall
  • FIFA
  • The Passport Office

Data Leak Prevention for High Profile Targets

While it’s impossible to completely protect against data breaches, there are a few things that people and organisations can do to significantly reduce the risks. While these tips might be more suited to businesses, there’s a lot that Hollywood’s stars could learn too.

  1. Have a policy for what to do with your phone / tablet / laptop
  2. Be educated about the risks and consequences
  3. Move beyond just passwords for data protection to include two-factor authentication and device management and tracking, at the very least

I outline each of these items in full in my CloudTech article and we offer more tips specific for public figures here. Whether you’re protecting one device or many, we have you covered. Learn more at

Photo credit: Brian McKechnie

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