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Case Study: Curbing Device Theft at Cayman Islands Ministry of Education

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/20/2015

The Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs and the Department of Education Services, are responsible for 10 primary schools, 3 high schools, the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre and a school for students with special needs.

With 3,000 devices spread across more than 6,000 students and teachers, and only 7 IT staff to manage this fleet of devices, a stolen laptop represented not only a lost investment but a road block to student progress. The Ministry needed a way to retrieve devices and also serve as a deterrent against future theft. Absolute provided that extra level of protection the Ministry needed.

“The key differentiator was Persistence technology, built into the firmware,” said Steven Durksen, ICT Manager. “The first thing a thief will do is re-image the device, so we knew that having that constant connection would be critical to recovering the device."

The Ministry has had success in both retrieving devices and in reducing thefts overall. Absolute has helped retrieve stolen devices, including some frown outside the region (or even country!). We are able to retrieve these devices, working with local and international law enforcement, without tying up the valuable time of the Ministry. As an island nation, the Ministry has been able to make great use of geofences to alert the Ministry if a device travels beyond the Cayman Islands. Such information is available as alerts or can be supplied in automatic reports on the status of assets. Learn more about geofences and event calling in our video or on our website.

To find out how the Ministry uses Absolute DDS to protect devices and students, safeguard its IT budget and save time, check out the case study here.

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