Creating an Effective Help Desk

By: Absolute Team | 1/23/2014

The start of the new year brings lots of reviews and risk assessments, to ensure IT is ready for the year to come. Among those assessments, you're probably taking a look at your IT help desk. As we've talked about more, IT is often faced with a mission impossible in many areas: to do more, but with less. IT help has changed dramatically over the past few years, reflecting the change in devices being used for work and ultimately how end-users expect to work or receive support. Pair this with concerns over data security and a limited budget? Yikes.

As we shared, there are ways to stretch the almighty IT dollar. If you're looking for more ways to create efficiencies in your IT help desk, there's a great article on ABC with 10 Steps to a Highly Effective Help Desk in 2014, including:

  1. Get a grasp on the metrics that matter
  2. Establish clear goals for your help desk
  3. Listen to end users and act on feedback
  4. Improve self-service adoption
  5. Encourage knowledge base submissions
  6. Invest in training for service desk staff
  7. Publish a service catalog for your end users
  8. Refresh your help desk technology
  9. Focus on best practices implementation
  10. Celebrate success: big or small

When it comes to your help desk technology, item 8, you can go beyond just automating workflows and fancy analytics to true business support. When you implement an ITSM solution such as Absolute Service as the backbone, you are getting a way to predict the business impact of each service request and also to cross off more items on the list, such as item 4, 5, and 7, all at once. When you can create strong knowledge base that is easy to use, you empower your customers and allow IT to focus on what's really important.

Here's to a happy help desk in 2014!

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