Create a Layered Approach to Security with Absolute and Dell

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/20/2015

Today it’s all about the data. With the complexity of cross-platform environments and sophisticated cyber criminals, organizations need to apply a layered approach to security so they can protect their data and prove compliance. A key component of endpoint security is accurate reporting, and for Dell customers that can be achieved more easily thanks to Dell’s long-standing partnership with Absolute.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption (DDP|E) provides comprehensive encryption from the device to the Cloud, offering a simple and flexible way to safeguard sensitive data. Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) extends this protection to include the endpoint and other activities that could put the customer at risk, such as rogue employees, stolen devices, and end user noncompliance.

Pre-defined reports, including a detailed encryption status report, can be scheduled or run on demand. This allows security teams to easily identify the device status at the time of a breach, and respond accordingly. Detailed reporting will also identify devices that have not yet been protected by DDP|E so the customer can ensure complete coverage, removing any potential points of weakness.

These complementary technologies provide the necessary foundation to protect both the devices and the data, regardless of the user or location. By leveraging Persistence technology from Absolute, customers are provided with a reliable two-way connection to all of their devices, providing unrivaled visibility and protection.

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