Corporate Data: Minimizing Risk from The Enemy Within

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/2/2015

IT bears the brunt of responsibility for information security, yet according to Forrester, internal incidents top the list of security breach causes in 2014. Research throughout the year has called corporate data a ’ticking time bomb’, primarily through the threats from employee mistakes, negligence or malicious intent.

Employees today are able to access company data from any location, on the device of their choice. While BYOD policies may be in place, few employees take the time to read them or take responsibility for their role in data security. Research conducted by Absolute found that 59% of employees believe the corporate data on their phone is worth less than $500. Many employees felt data security was “not their responsibility,” a mistake which puts corporate data at significant risk.

According to Forrester, 42% of internal security incidents were due to inadvertent misuse or an accident. Report after report indicates employees are the weakest point in data security, yet many organizations still fail to provide regular security awareness training to employees. User-friendly technologies such as mobile devices, mobile apps, and cloud storage have created significant gains, but these same mobile technologies are often hacker-friendly too, creating opportunities for cybercriminals to covertly infiltrate company data. This opens the door to data loss, reputational damage, loss of proprietary information – not to mention the associated regulatory penalties and potential legal fees.

In our whitepaper, ‘The Enemy Within - Insiders are still the weakest link in your data security chain,’ we discuss this “human-shaped hole in information security” and lay out guidelines to help you safeguard your business from potential threats using a combination of layered technology as well as employee security training. In the whitepaper, we discuss five steps to foster a conscientious data security environment in your organization:

  • Educate employees to be your first line of defense
  • Conduct random security tests to keep employees on their toes
  • Collaborate with associates and form a cybersecurity alliance
  • Build a security fortress and protect it with persistent watchdog
  • Form an actionable crisis plan

Read more about these five steps in our whitepaper, ‘The Enemy Within - Insiders are still the weakest link in your data security chain’.

Absolute can help you gain visibility into each area of data protection - authentication, authorization, audit and administration - and can help you ensure that governance, risk management and compliance measures are in place. Our unique Persistence technology offers an important layer to any data security strategy and helps mitigate the risk of human error, rogue employees, and cybercrime. Absolute can help organizations plug the security holes created by mobility and human error. Learn more at

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