Core Tenets of Mobile Security

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 1/29/2015

CSO Online’s CSO’s 2015 Mobile Security Survival Guide is a succinct look at the shift taking place in enterprise mobile management, reflecting the need to simplify and unify the security and management of devices. A shift in focus and simpler but more powerful tools can go a long way to reducing the threats that mobile devices pose to enterprise data security.

As the article points out, part of taking control of mobile security is realizing that mobile devices have been around for a long time - laptops, tablets, smartphones are all mobile devices - and that focusing on the device creates more complication in terms of understanding, managing and scaling your security solution. The Survival Guide lays out 5 core mobile security tenets, including:

  • Look for devices that have inherent security controls, and grant access to devices that can be security managed and secured by your organization
  • Focus on security data and apps, not devices
  • Look for ways to segment user apps and data from enterprise apps and data
  • Keep security engaged early and often
  • Watch cloud apps

The article summarizes several trends and tips for managing mobile security.

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