Consumers Concerned About Medical Record Security

By: Absolute Team | 2/18/2011

Results from a new survey from SafeNet indicate that 52% of US adults are concerned about the safety of their personal data / medical records.

Past data has found that data breaches cost the healthcare industry over $6 billion annually, and that the loss of personal information can not only lead to financial identity theft, but also to medical identity theft in specific.

The data from the survey indicates that consumers are more concerned about the exposure of their Social Security Numbers (83%), banking data (83%) and general contact information (56%) than with medical record information, though these consumers fail to see that the medical records likely contain both SSNs and contact information.

Absolute has always advocated a layer approach to data security of any kind. Do you have questions about your healthcare security? Check out our brochure on security for the healthcare industry.

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