Consumerization of IT Creates Blindspots

By: Absolute Team | 1/24/2012

According to a recent survey by Compuware, the International CIO Study on Impact of IT Consumerization, reveals that services such as cloud computing alongside the consumerization of IT are creating "blind spots in IT management."

The survey questioned 520 CIOs of big corporations across the US, UK, France,Germany, Italy, Benelux, Australia and Japan. The survey shows that CIOs fear the increased risks that come along with the consumerization of IT, social media and mobility, as well as models including cloud computing and SaaS.

Insights from the survey:

  • 77% of CIOs worry that further consumerization of IT will lead to greatly increased business risks
  • A lack of transparency into the performance of cloud and SaaS providers is currently reversing IT maturity across 64% of enterprises
  • 64% of CIOs say support for employee mobility is almost impossible due to reliance on external networks, making it much harder to control performance and the end-user experience
  • The consumerization of IT trend is already driving unrealistic expectations around role of IT in 74% of enterprises
  • 64% of CIOs say that enterprise mobility projects forging ahead without the full involvement of IT

The survey shows that IT is not well connected with business drivers and this is leading to a great deal more risk. When end users bypass IT, security becomes uncontrollable. It's clear that companies will need to take steps to become more proactive in order to mitigate these risks.

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