Computrace to Protect All Laptops in Huntsville's Digital Curriculum

By: Absolute Team | 8/8/2012

The video below details how Huntsville City Schools made the decision to convert to a digital curriculum for all students. One of the factors in the decision making was cost - with textbooks costing $100 each, with 5 per student - that's $11.5 million in textbooks plus another $5-7 million in supplemental paper-based cost. These textbooks didn't stay current, so it was a continuous cost being incurred.

When it comes to a digital curriculum, the warehouse costs go away and students have access to a constantly-updated curriculum from anywhere. The laptops are being leased for about $200 a year per student, grade 4-12, so the cost is considerably less. They consider the laptop the delivery mechanism for the curriculum in the same way that the phone is the delivery message for a call - a great comparison.

The video details how the City plans to fade out texts and fade in the digital curriculum as well as the logistics of setting up the program over the next year, from wireless access and teacher training to security. Each student will be assigned a laptop, pre-identified and tagged and already in a carrying bag. Security is additionally being addressed with filters on Internet content, with Absolute's Computrace on each computer, and with clearly-identifiable etching to deter theft and resale of the device.

If you want to know more about how we can provide endpoint security & management for K-12, read here. Learn more about Huntsville's 1:1 computing conversion here.

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