Computrace Proves Persistence in Recent Recovery

By: Absolute Team | 4/20/2009

A Computrace customer reported a laptop theft to Absolute after the laptop was stolen in an overnight burglary. The computer was quick to communicate with the Absolute Monitoring Center, allowing the Absolute team to trace its location to a nearby ranger station. Absolute contacted local law enforcement, who inventoried the station's entire computer population to check for the stolen machine. The search came up negative.

Although none of the serial numbers on the inventoried computers matched that of the stolen machine, Absolute continued to trace the machine's location to the same station. Authorities intensified their investigation.

It was soon revealed that the ranger station had purchased a number of refurbished computers from a local vendor. Explaining why Computrace continued to call from the ranger station despite none of the inventoried serial numbers matching up with that of the stolen machine, the stolen laptop's motherboard had been removed. This motherboard was then placed in a new case with a different serial number, and sold to the unsuspecting rangers. The highly persistent Computrace Agent rebuilt itself in the new case, however, and maintained contact with Absolute - helping authorities to uncover crucial details of the incident.

Police located the vendor from which the stolen machine was purchased, along with the motherboard's original casing. The investigation continues, and the laptop - both motherboard and case intact - is en route to its rightful owner.

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