Computrace Persistence Technology Now in Absolute Manage

August 02, 2010

Absolute Software announced that our Computrace persistence technology has been extended to support Absolute Manage, our lifecycle management solution. What does this mean? Absolute Manage is now the world’s only self-healing lifecycle management solution with the patented Computrace technology.

With this new capability, Absolute Manage can automatically reinstall in the event it is removed or disabled. According to research, traditional IT asset management technology is vulnerable to user or thief tampering. Absolute Manage, now virtually tamper-proof, can enable IT to keep proper tabs on assets.

“When we set out to revolutionize the way computers are managed and protected, we realized that no single factor is more important than maintaining a consistent, tamper-resistant, virtual tether to each computer. The result of this vision was our patented Computrace BIOS-persistent self-healing technology. This technology is so proven that it is installed at the factory by the world’s leading computer makers. Today, we are taking that fundamental building block to the must-have category of computer lifecycle management solutions. It truly sets Absolute Manage apart from traditional lifecycle management tools.”

Learn more about Absolute Manage here.


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