Computrace Persistence Firmware List Grows to Include Android

By: Absolute Team | 8/6/2011

Computrace persistence technology provides our customers with a constant connection to all of the computers in their deployment. If efforts are made to remove Computrace from a device, the technology simply rebuilds itself so our customers can continue to track, manage, and protect their assets. No other technology can do this.

Although any system can run the Computrace Application Agent, the best persistence is found with BIOS persistence. In this case, the Computrace Agent is embedded into the firmware of computers and netbooks during the manufacturing process. Customers who purchase these devices will benefit from an extra level of security, persistence and support.

We are very happy to continue to expand our list of makes & models that currently have BIOS compatibility. The latest computer to go to market with Computrace in the firmware is the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. Lenovo has been our partner since 2005, and we think it only fitting that the new ThinkPad Tablet be the first Android tablet with Computrace persistence technology embedded in the firmware.

Here's how persistence works:

Learn more about the latest addition to our firmware list here.

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