Computrace Now With Data Retrieval

By: Absolute Team | 12/8/2010

Absolute Software yesterday announced that our award-winning Computrace SaaS computer tracking solution now includes the ability to remotely retrieve files.

With our new Remote File Retrieval service, IT administrators can use the Computrace cloud to identify and retrieve sensitive information that could be exposed on end point devices. You can do this proactively or in an emergency situation when devices are lost or stolen.

“Our customers deploy Computrace for two main reasons: better day-to-day tracking for improved policy, compliance, risk and device management and the ability to reach out and take action on those devices in an emergency such as a device loss or theft,” said Rob Chase, chief operating officer at Absolute Software. “Our customers have always enjoyed the fact that Computrace could track and secure computers via the cloud, even when they are outside the corporate network. In today’s increasingly mobile world, it is essential to maintain visibility and control over all your computers. Remote File Retrieval provides an essential cloud tool to protect corporate data that might be at risk.”

Of course, as part of the Computrace data leakage prevention (DLP) features, you can still remotely wipe data as well.

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