Computrace Now in Firmware of Getac Computers

By: Absolute Team | 4/8/2009

Absolute Software recently announced that Getac computers now support Computrace at the firmware level.

The Getac Rugged Notebook (model A790) and Rugged Tablet (V100) are the latest laptops with embedded Computrace support. The B300, E100, M230 & P470 models will be phased in over the coming months, making it so all Getac rugged laptop and tablet computers will feature Computrace.

The Computrace BIOS support module is shipped disabled and turned off from the manufacturer. Once the customer installs the Computrace Agent, pays for the Absolute Tracking and Recovery service and activates the Computrace BIOS support module, then the extra level of security and firmware persistence will be activated.

Embedding support for the Computrace Agent into the BIOS provides customers the highest level of persistence and allows the Computrace agent to survive operating system re-installations, hard drive reformats and even hard drive replacements. Getac president, Jim Rimay, says:

"Having Computrace embedded in the firmware of our computers gives our customers the additional security and satisfaction of knowing they can track and manage computers as well as delete sensitive data even if the hard drive is replaced or reformatted. Absolute’s services are an ideal complement to our world-class rugged notebook computers and tablets."

For a full list of firmware-supported computers (from Dell to Fujitsu to Toshiba and more), see here.

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