Computrace: It Can Help You Sleep

By: Absolute Team | 7/7/2011

THE Journal recently ran an article about Brick Township Public Schools and their challenges with mobile computing. The district provides laptops to teachers, administrators and students, but were faced with challenges in IT asset management. They have 700 mobile devices in the district, from laptops to iPads, across 15 campuses, with devices constantly on the move.

"Auditors were coming in and wanting to know how we were spending the money and where the machines were. These visits were CLEs, or 'career-limiting events,' and pretty scary scenarios since most of the equipment was bought with federal money, and wasn't being accurately audited or tracked...

It was a matter of, 'It's 3 a.m.; do we know where our laptops are?'" - Leonard Niebo, IT Director

Getting back on track was all about finding the right solution - one that would track the computers whether they were on-campus or off, and provide on-demand reporting. Niebo deployed Absolute's more! Today, the district is compliant and well managed, saying:

"This technology not only saves a lot of time and effort for my IT team, but it helps us sleep better at night, knowing that we have a handle on where our equipment is at any given moment."

Glad we were able to help Niebo and his team get some sleep!

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