Computrace 5.11 Now with End-of-Life Data Delete Certificate

By: Absolute Team | 6/18/2012

We are happy to announce  the launch of Computrace 5.11, our award-winning product line that allows enterprise customers to track and secure devices and the data they contain, regardless if they are on or off the company network.

Computrace 5.11 gives enterprise users additional tools to meet compliance requirements and address data security risks and management strategy. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of an End-of-Life Data Delete Certificate.

Using the Absolute Customer Center console, customers receive a certificate upon successful completion of an End-of-Life Data Delete command. This certificate is signed by the customer and retained as proof (for compliance purposes) that no data remains on the device after it was decommissioned.

"To decommission computers today, organizations either need to manually delete the machine via a complex unautomated and non-centralized process, or they need to rely upon their recyclers to do it for them. Both processes, in addition to being cumbersome, are prone to human error. The result for organizations can be having data left on devices after recycling causing significant data security and compliance issues. Our customers have expressed their frustration with this compliance risk. In response, we have now provided them with a cloud-based centralized and automated solution to simply and cost effectively solve this data risk for them." - John Livingston, Chairman and CEO at Absolute Software

As we've mentioned when reviewing disposal of IT assets, it’s important to properly dispose of old IT assets versus simply placing them in storage or throwing them out. While a simple data delete may leave traces of data behind, the Computrace data delete more effectively wipe data from your devices. Learn more here.

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