Common IT Mistakes that Lead to Data Loss

By: Absolute Team | 7/15/2013

The goal of data loss prevention (DLP) is to set up a system and set of procedures to prevent and detect potential data breaches in all data states, in-use (endpoint), in-motion (network) and at-rest (storage). Not all loss of data is related to data breaches; in some cases, data loss can be an internal issue, though one with widespread repercussions. If vital data becomes corrupted, and is not backed up, that loss can severely impact the business.

Kroll recently put together a list of the 5 most common IT administrator mistakes that can lead to data loss, whether the loss is internal (loss of data) or has an impact on an internal or external set of stakeholders ( data breach).

  1. Failure to document and execute established IT, retention and backup procedures
  2. Failure to keep OS and anti-virus software up to date
  3. Failure to backup effectively
  4. Deleting data that is in active use
  5. Failure to test IT security policies

In many of these failures, data breaches can be the result. From a failure to rescind data access to an inaccurate picture of where data is in use, these areas of disorganization can result in expensive incidents of loss.

Absolute Software's recent acquisition of Palisade Systems allows us to enhance our GRC offering to include the ability to proactively monitor and manage data at risk on the endpoint and on the network. Learn more about how to enhance your DLP system with Absolute Software here.

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