Cobb County Reduces Support Issues with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 11/5/2014

In our latest customer video, Michael Murray, Director of Field Services at Cobb County Schools, describes how Absolute Software helps them to provision, manage, secure, and track their IT assets, including PCs, Macs and over 5,500 iOS devices.

Cobb County Schools is the third largest school district in the State of Georgia with roughly 8,000 teachers and 120,000 students. The technology team supports a fleet of PC, Mac and iOS devices across 115 schools in the district.

In the video, Michael shares how the technology team went from manually managing assets, which led to support issues and costly inefficiencies, to the automated support of Absolute Manage. In addition, Cobb County Schools benefit from the tracking and device recovery services of Absolute Computrace.

“When I started at Cobb County Schools three years ago, I spent the first six months of my time there taking emails, phone calls, from the end users as well as from my boss, saying ‘Why isn’t the software pushing?’ ‘Why aren’t we getting the effect we’re looking for?’” notes Murray.

“And then we changed over to Absolute Manage. Today, three years later, I just finished visiting all 115 schools in the district and not one principal told me that they had any issues with technology from a software standpoint, or from a device standpoint. Everybody was very happy. I don’t get those emails and those phone calls anymore,” Murray continued.

To learn how Cobb County uses both Absolute Manage and Absolute Computrace, watch the video here.

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