CIO Community a Place to Engage

By: Absolute Team | 10/22/2011

Forrester has this month launched a new community for IT leaders to engage in conversations at the CIO Community. Although CIOs may network at events or through existing partnerships or friendships, this community offers a way for CIOs to exchange information more regularly.

The discussions include topics such as the economic climate, reporting structure, the use of iPads and more.

As noted on the Forrester blog, "Forrester analysts will be actively participating in communities by responding to your questions, adding their insights to existing conversations and asking questions of you, the CIO, to create a more precise purview, and drive our research agenda — ultimately making it more timely and relevant to you."

We think that any forum for discussion should be engaged as the sharing of experience and knowledge better helps shape the industry as a whole.

Do you engage in discussions on other forums? If so, where?

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