Challenges CIOs Face in 2015

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 11/14/2014

Joe Stangarone recently wrote about the 5 Big Challenges Facing CIOs and IT Leaders in 2015 on the Cup of Joe Blog. Featured in the article are insights from a wide range of industry experts including Ryan St. Hilaire, VP of Product Management, here at Absolute Software.

The article explores the shifting roles and responsibilities that come with new challenges, from mobile to the cloud and more, as well as the risks and opportunities inherent in these changes.

The 5 Challenges of 2015 for CIOs and IT Leaders are:

  1. Address the growing need for agility
  2. Break free from technical debt
  3. Balance data accessibility with security
  4. Adapt to a connected world
  5. Bridge the skills gap


Absolute’s Ryan St. Hilaire notes how organizations have struggled to adapt to the new reality of web-connected mobile devices and the rate of change is only increasing now with the Internet of Things (IoT).

"The addition of sensors and connectivity to physical things is driving massive gains in efficiency,” says Ryan. “By the year 2020, connected ‘Things' will outnumber humans by 5:1. This new Internet of Everything is posing significant security risks for many organizations. In fact, a recent Gartner report found that 73% of IT leaders expect the Internet of Things to pose a security threat in the next 3 years and 50% of them don’t feel prepared to manage and secure these connected things. IT and operational technology must work together to increase the security posture of an organization to manage and secure the convergence of devices and things."

Preparing for IoT is part of the challenges that CIOs face in the coming year(s). If you would like to speak with us about our thoughts on managing mobile or IoT, reach out here.

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